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國際首創 國際顛覆性產業 創世紀科學 國軍標入編 領軍人物

2018/05/31 18:44:42

國際首創 國際顛覆性產業 創世紀科學 國軍標入編 領軍人物

International Initiative An International Subversive industry A Leading-edge Scientific Discovery Included to GJB A Leader


,國際首創: {神奇}{大面積區域主動防雷科學技術}:


I. International Initiative {Amazing} {large-area regional active lightning-protection technology}:

(First prize of the 11th Chinese Scientists Forum)!


1,軍方評價: {偉大的發現, 偉大的實踐}!2016年{兩彈一星歷史研討會}2017{軍民融合科技大會}。

1. Comments of the military {A great discovery and a great practice}! {History Seminar of Two bombs and One Satellite} in 2016 and {Military and Civilian Integration Technology Conference} in 2017



2. {Amazing}: {large-area regional active lightning-protection technology}: Pu Fangzheng invented the {Regional active lightning protection technology} in 2004 (namely 252 years later) based on the single-point detached house passive lightning-protection technology invented by Franklin, an American scientist in 1752, and successfully put it into practice in 2004 and 2006 respectively; after running for 14 years until now, it has reduced the outage rate caused by lighting to 0 from the original dozens of times per year, and has been remarked by the user and the power supply department as {Amazing}! (Users’ feedback in 2014 and 2016 after using for 8 years and 10 years respectively)



II. An International Subversive industry: {Anthracite graphitized conductor material}:


(First prize of the 12th Chinese Scientists Forum); being awarded by the MIIT as an {international advanced} {achievement of science and technology}!


1, 顛覆無煙煤升華為導體材料:無煙煤與石墨和金剛石都屬于元素碳的同素異形體,為此,將傳統中只具備燃燒功能的無煙煤,衍生成無煙煤石墨化導體材料現已投入本廠{稀土防雷接地降阻材料},作為主材使用物美價廉极速赛车上光大gd567!將更是碳時代來臨時,取代石墨材料制造無煙煤石墨精粉甚至石墨烯的珍品!

1. Subversively updated anthracite to conductor material: Anthracite, graphite and diamond fall to the category of the allotrope of the element carbon. Therefore, the traditional anthracite which only has the combustion function was derived to anthracite graphitized conductor material. It has been put into production as a {rare earth lightning-protection grounding resistance-dropping material} by our factory, and has been used as the main material for its high cost performance! Furthermore, it is a precious material which can substitute graphite material in production of anthracite graphite powder for the advent of the carbon era!



2. The world-renowned {Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope  (FAST) (Sky eye) project is located at a Karst mountainous area, Dawodang, Lvshui Village, Pingtang County, Guizhou Province. In July 2013, Pu Fangzheng was invited to visit the site to design and build the lightning protection and grounding works for its core equipment. He adopted the anthracite graphitized conductor material {rare earth lightning-protection grounding resistance-dropping material} for grounding produced by our factory. It is acceptable since its grounding resistance-dropping value is 0.6 Ohm which is superior to the design requirement, 1 Ohm!


,創世紀科學(美國硅谷企業評價): {雷電吸收存儲應用}:

III. A Leading-edge Scientific Discovery (as evaluated by enterprises from the Silicon Valley in the United States): {Lightning absorption and storage application}:


1, 人類史無前例的技術創新:雷電被聯合國教科文組織定義為:世界十大自然災害之-,每年給全世界造成超過十億美元的損失!為了變雷電災害為人類天然的電能瑰寶,主動吸收雷電形成之前的等離子體,存儲在如石墨烯之類的大容器或電力系繞中然后進行輸出應用极速赛车上光大gd567。(存儲應用雷電,還在科學實驗中);

1. An unprecedented technological innovation in human history: Lightning is defined by UNESCO as: One of the top ten major natural disasters of the world. It causes over one billion dollars of loss for the world every year! In order to change lightning disaster to a kind of natural electric energy treasure for human, this technology can actively absorb the plasmas before lightning formation, store them to large-capacity container, such as graphene or electric power system, and output for applications. (The scientific experiments of lighting storage and application are undergoing);



2. Active absorption of lightning has been a mature technology which has been put into application for 14 years up to now;


,{中華人民共和國國家軍用標準目錄}(2015,2017): 防雷領域唯一兩次入編企業!

IV. {Catalog of National Military Standards of the People's Republic of China} (2015, 2017): The only enterprise who has been included to standard preparation group for twice in light protection field!


, 濮方正,防雷設計施工產品研發應用,產學研科技服務一條龍企業領軍人物:

V. Pu Fangzheng, a leader in development and application of lightning protection design and construction products, and industry-university-research technology service chain:


1,[世界著名防雷科學家],  中國管理科學研究院:[學術委員],

{中國大百科全書}:[編委], 貴陽高層次人才[綠卡]獲得者,[工程技術應用研究員]貴州理工學院:[客座教授],  貴州大學大數據學院:[產學研合作者];

1. [A world famous lightning protection scientist], an [academic committee member] of Chinese Academy of Management Science, a [compiling committee member] of Encyclopedia of China, a winner of Guiyang high-level talent [green card], [engineering technology researcher], a [guest professor] of Guizhou Institute of Technology, and an [industry-university-research partner] of Big Data Institute of Guizhou University;


2,濮方正入選國家名片命名:{有骨氣的中國科學家} 新中國建國65周年:{海內外六十五位華人楷模郵票珍藏}大陸四人之一(中國集郵總公司2014年全球發行) !

2. Pu Fangzheng has been selected to under the national business card {a Chinese scientist of integrity}, and one of the four Chinese mainland scientists ranked among the {stamp collection of 65 Chinese models at home and abroad} (issued globally by China National Philatelic Corporation in 2014)!


3, 濮方正十年前預言正確: 雷雨天撥打手機不會引雷, 2013年11月央視兩次報道:經國內兩家權威科研機構分別實驗證實:手機不會引雷!由此證明濮方正于2004.2006年唯一在{防雷世界}專業刊物上發表的兩篇論文,預言正確!

3. Pu Fangzheng predicted correctly 10 years ago that: Using a Cell phone in thunderstorm weather will not lead to lightning stroke which was reported by CCTV for twice in Nov. 2013:It has been verified by two domestic authoritative scientific research institutions by experiments that using a cell phone will not lead to lightning stroke. It has proved that the prediction of Pu Fangzheng stated in the two papers which were published in the professional publication The World of Lighting Protection in 2004 and 2006 is correct!


{貴陽方正新技術發展有限公司      貴陽方正稀土降阻材料廠 

郵箱:p@gyfz.cn                網址:www.dvdeva.com  

電話:0851-85213358         13608554890}

{Guiyang Fangzheng New Technology Development Co. Ltd Guiyang Fangzheng Rare Earth Lightning-protection Grounding Resistance-dropping Material Factory 

Email: p@gyfz.cn

Website:www.dvdeva.com  Tel.: 0851-85213358  13608554890}


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